Trone is a character in Brave Story. He is a beastkin who works at the Gasara Branch of the Highlanders under Kutz's command.


Brave Story: New TravelerEdit

Trone meets Tatsuya and his friends after they arrived at Gasara. He gave the team a tour of the village. After Tatsuya and the others defeated the monsters inside the Underground Lake, Trone immediately arrive with other Highlanders to help destroy the statues that was causing the monster's excessive behavior. Trone also teaches Yuno her Bravesoul, Double Strike.


Trone is a beastkin with light gray fur with black stripes. He wears a blue sleeveless shirt, with a purple scarf, and gray pants. He also wears a gray bangle with a white star on both wrist.

Trone's appearance is based on a white tiger.