"This Traveler's Sword, as it happens, is a reflection of your own strength. As you grow, so shall the sword."
—Wayfinder Lau

The Traveler's Sword is a weapon featured in Brave Story: New Traveler. It is a special sword wielded by Tatsuya and is used to collect 5 gemstones. It is also the base form of Tatsuya's Demon's Bane.


Tatsuya received the Traveler's Sword from Wayfinder Lau in the beginning of his journey. Lau told Tatsuya that he need to collect 5 gemstones in order to transform the Traveler's Sword in to the Demon's Bane and open the way to the Tower of Destiny and the Goddess.


The Traveler's Sword have many abilities that no other weapons have. One of which is that it can transform into an even more powerful weapon for every gemstones found until it transforms into the Demon's Bane. When Vyne gives the Tatsuya the Gemstone of the Firewyrm, the Tatsuya is able to summon Vyne for assistance, either in battle or traveling. The Traveler's Sword is also the only weapon that can ward off monsters, allowing Tatsuya and the others escape.

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