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Ropple Artwork
Japanese ロポル
Romaji Roporu
Age 17
Height 3'9
Weight 88 lbs
Job Mage
Brave Soul Varia
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Akira Ishida
(En:)Yuri Lowenthal

Ropple is a character introduced in Brave Story: New Traveler. He is a pankin starseer who was a student of Dr. Baksan. He joined Tatsuya to study the workings of a Traveler.


Ropple is knowledgeable, as seen by his magical abilities, but is oblivious from other people's feelings. He always talk logically and always act as a know-it-all. During his time with Tatsuya, his personality changes overtime for the better. He became more understanding and sensitive about others.


Ropple is 17 year-old mage with green hair and yellow eyes. As a mage, he wears a purple robe and a pointed hat with white linings and a scale-like pattern. Under his robe, Ropple wears round yellow pants and purple pointed shoes. He also wears a pair of glasses.

Despite his age, Ropple isn't tall because of his pankin heritage.



  • Ropple is the only character that have a Bravesoul that affects the whole party.