Minos is a character in Brave Story: New Traveler. He is a waterkin and the son of Sogreth.


Tatsuya and Yuno first met Minos, who was trying to get away from his father Sogreth, in Sakawa. It was then that Sogreth was actually putting Minos in harsh training to become a man. When Tatsuya and Yuno came to Lyris, they bumped into a villager from Sakawa seeking help from the Highlanders. It turns out the Minos was missing.

After they arrived at Sakawa, the two met Sogreth's long-time friend, Kee Keema, who told them that Sogreth went to the Seaside Cave to find Minos but he took too long, leaving Kee Keema worried. Kee Keema decided to go with Tatsuya and Yuno in order to find Sogreth and Minos.

In the Seaside Cave, they saw that the cause of Sogreth and Minos's absence was a giant monster. The three saw Sogreth unconscious while Minos is being attacked. Before the monster could even touched Minos, Yuno pushed him out of the way getting her attacked herself. Sogreth then woke up and joined Tatsuya and Kee Keema defeat the monster.

After the monster was defeated, Kee Keema left for a delivery he was supposed to do. It was then that the group saw that Minos found a gemstone while looking for tidewort. It was then that Tatsuya found his first gemstone and the star sigil. Sogreth and Minos was shocked that Tatsuya was a Traveler, leaving them in awe.

When the group came back to Sakawa, they found out that Minos was actually looking for tidewort for the Village Chief's illness. After a long conversation with the chief, Sogreth decided to join Tatsuya and Yuno on their journey. He left Minos in the care of the village and Minos promised that he will be a full-pledge man when Sogreth returns.