Welcome to the Manual of Style page. This page will be used as a reference for editors on how to format the articles in the Brave Story Wiki in a more standard, organized manner. You are welcome to discuss any descrepancies or loopholes in the talk page.

Please be reminded that as the wiki progress, the Manual of Style may also progress.


  • Any unofficial information added in a page will be immediately removed.
  • A page must have proper language. Any inappropriate language is removed immediate when spotted.
  • Any act of vandalism will be punished by being blocked from the wiki. Expiry will be decided by the founder.
  • A page that is missing information must have a Template:Expand on the top of the page for other contributors to see.
  • All comments in all pages will be deleted when spotted. Any topic that is in need to be discussed will be discussed in a page's talk page(e.g. Talk:Tatsuya).
  • The Wiki's Main Page can only be edited by Wingblade, the founder of the New Traveler Wiki.
  • All contributions must first be discussed before making it.


  • Name categories properly (e.g. "Brave Story (novel) Characters" is right, "Novel Characters" is wrong)


  • A character may have his/her own page as long as he/she is with in the sphere the Brave Story series.
  • A character's page must have a Template:InfoCharacter for the character's information(e.g: age, height, weight, etc.).
  • A character's page must have the following sections:
    • Story Section - This section contains the story of a character. This section may also contain images of significant events within the game.
    • Appearance Section - This section contains the appearance of the character(e.g: hair, clothing, etc.)
    • Personality Section - This section contains the personality of the character.
    • Abilities/Battle Section - This section contains information about the character's abilities and battle styles. This section may contain images of the character's weapon(s) and other equipments.
    • Gallery Section - This section contains images that centers the character. Only official images or screenshots are allowed in this section. Fan-made images are to be removed immediately from the page or even from the wiki.
    • Trivia Section - This section contains facts about the character that is not mentioned in-game.



  • All images must me in .png format. Images that are not in .png format will be removed from the wiki and will be replaced.
  • An image must have an appropriate title(e.g: File:Vision_Cataclysm_01.png). Any images with appropriate title will be removed or renamed.
  • Fan-made images may be uploaded in the wiki while still naming them properly. But if they are seen within official pages, they will be removed from the page. If they are again seen in official pages, they will be remove from the wiki.


  • Official videos will only be allowed to be added in a page. If any fan-made videos are added, they will be immediately removed.
  • The video must be in high definition.
    • Also, the video must not contain any other contents like a player's voice.