Leynart Artwork
Japanese レナト
Romaji Renato
Age 27
Height 6'0
Weight 165 lbs
Job Knight
Former Captain of the Knights of Stengel
Brave Soul Mind's Eye
Voice Actor(s) (Ja:)Shō Hayami

Leynart is a character introduced in Brave Story: New Traveler. He is a beastkin and the former commander of the Knights of Stengel. He joined Tatsuya to give space to his wife, Sasha, who has suffered from amnesia.


Leynart is a 27 year-old beastkin with red eyes and blonde hair. Leynart dons a blue and gold full-body armor. Because of his beastkin heritage, Leynart has pointed ears, goat horns and grey skin(which may be his fur).