The Demon's Bane is the sword wielded by Travelers when they have acquired all five gemstones.


Inside the Demonkins' lair, Tatsuya and the others reached a room with four mirrors in the middle. When Tatsuya looked at one of the mirrors, his reflection became a dark version of himself and then attacks the team. After the dark Tatsuya was defeated, the Gemstone of Darkness appeared. When Tatsuya accepted the Gemstones, his Traveler's Sword transformed into the Demon's Bane.

At the Tower of Destiny, Onba disguised herself as Miki in order to trick Tatsuya in to giving her the Demon's Bane. Tatsuya quickly realized that he was almost tricked and fought Onba.

In the end, Tatsuya presented the Demon's Bane to the Goddess of Destiny but was not able to get his wish granted because of him being a False Traveler.

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